Acting physically on your intentions

Girls respond to your physical escalations when they come from a place without thought and instead through instinctual desire. They moreover respond when it is on your own initiative, and when you are not seeking approval from her for your escalation. Believing this, and acting on this, can feel unwise for a guy that isn’t purely natural with women, or isn't great at physical escalation. He might fear that if he escalates during a time in which he is unaware whether the girl wants it or not, that she may get mad and leave, or that he can get in trouble somehow. Obviously, you don’t want to molest or assault her—the difference between an assertive (though smooth) escalation, and an assault, is measured by where you’re coming from when you do it.


If it’s coming through genuine confidence, genuine benevolence, genuine instinct, and truly without thought—then the girl is likely to respond positively, and get turned on. If you come from a place of hesitation, or your intentions are not great (meaning you're coming from a needy or desperate place)—the girl will sense this and reflexively reject you. If she rejects the escalation, or is even freaked out by it, it means you’re not coming from the right place - you are likely not acting properly - you probably seem needy, and may even come across as inexperienced (a turn-off for most girls).


It’s important to be smart about this while you learn. If you don’t trust yourself to escalate without truly potentially assaulting the girl, or strongly offending her friends and risking confrontation—then take baby steps when attempting to escalate with women. Figure out the best way to escalate with women by trying small, incremental things (e.g. touch her on the back while talking to her - lean in towards her face while talking to her to increase sexual tension - each time you try something small to increase sexual tension through the physical realm, you will likely get a better sense of what you are doing that is turning the girl on, or turning her off - you figure this out by noticing her facial expressions, body language, and also paying attention to your own emotional intuitions regarding her receptiveness). By doing baby steps, you will likely get rejected at times for being too timid, rather than being too over-the-top—but that can be easier to deal with for some guys.


Eventually, you start getting in touch with your body as it relates to the girl’s body—on an instinctual level. You start to feel the appropriate times to escalate, and even sense when you can escalate very far with the girl, despite there being no overt or explicit indicators of such (instead there are implicit, sub-communicative indicators of such). You simply feel it in your balls when it is time to move in, and you can also feel when she is feeling receptive. Remember, a girl’s reaction to you is often based on how you feel about yourself, your demeanor and sense of entitlement to her (entitlement is the opposite of feeling and communicating that you don’t think you deserve her).


Naturally, if your intentions with a girl are bad, or you are not sane—this advice isn’t for you.



Do you have any additional thoughts or questions on physical escalation? Then definitely leave a comment and let me know!