Do it anyway

You’ll always have reasons to not say hi to a girl - say hi to her anyway. 

You’ll always have reasons not to express your emotions, thoughts, or ideas - express them anyway. 

You’ll always have reasons not to pursue your passions and dreams - pursue them anyway.

Do whatever it takes.

There will always be someone that tells you it’s not worth it, it’s not practical or that it’s not a good time - do it anyway.

There will always be someone that feels negatively toward you, adverse towards your desires and dreams, annoyed by your ambition - act on your will anyway. 

Always act. Always believe. But stay grounded.

Listen to your gut. Your gut is telling you the right action. 

Figure out how to navigate your terrain of focus so you can progress in our economic world. 

Seek to understand the nature of reality, so you can make progress in any given focus - emotional, spiritual, social or sexual growth.

Be thankful for the time you have, and use your time proactively.

Do not seek the approval of others. Do not wait on things to happen for you.


They wont.


Act on your instinct, act on your soul’s wishes.


Do not act on fear. But listen to fear. It is guiding you towards the greater truth. 


The truth on what is best for you, those you care about, and those you don’t know as well. 


Often times, your desires, provided they are benevolent, are for the greater good - and therefore best for you, those around you and the world.


It’s what’s called giving your gift


Give it - even if you have reasons not to. 


(Inspired by Mother Theresa's Poem titled "Anyway")