A Poetic Depiction of the Masculine and Feminine

Hey everyone, 

I've always enjoyed this video - I think it's a great poetic depiction of the masculine and feminine - and its eternal dance. 

Male/Female interactions, when they escalate (on any level - be it transient, short-term or long-term) are often a dance and a benevolent power struggle between the two sides. 

To be successful with women and also socializing, you must learn this dance. 

You must learn how to express yourself through this dance and lose your filters, so you can be "loose" and metaphorically bust a move.

You must get in touch with your emotions so the "music" can simply express through you. 

You must refine your skills and timing.

You must learn more about your "dance partner."

You must learn more about yourself. 

Learn your strengths, and improve your weaknesses. 

You must become the best dancer that you can personally be - and push yourself to do so.

It's a beautiful thing to embrace and explore.