The Importance of Having Fun - Starting Out

Having fun allows you to let go of needing the “appropriate outcome” for a date. 

You’re more focused on enjoying yourself instead of trying to “make things happen.”

Paradoxically, this “enjoying yourself” also allows you to more easily guide the date, with more easy-going “compliance” on her part to your suggestions - since there is no sensed agenda from you, outside of having fun.

In general, enjoying yourself because you’re having fun also allows the girl to feel more comfortable in being with you.

She begins to let her guard down, because she is responding to you letting your guard down (losing your agenda).

Enjoying yourself and having fun also allows you to more effortlessly and unconsciously “be yourself” - that is, unconsciously act freely in a benevolent manner. 

When you’re being yourself, the women starts to get to know you, and her attraction to you more easily ensues.

By being yourself, having fun, and mutually letting your guards down, the both of you become more open - this allows for greater chemistry, more enjoyment of each other, the interaction and the moment - and seemingly paradoxically, it allows for a greater chance for sex.