Thriving in Shortened Interactions

Hey guys, 

I'm really excited to drop my second podcast installment. 

As I mention in this pod, I've decided to shift from dropping weekly podcasts, to bi-weekly ones. And truthfully, I haven't definitively written bi-weekly in stone.

In these early stages, I'm experimenting and tinkering with time - seeing what set-up allows me to really provide you the best content I can. 

It's become clear to me that, having time will be the key in providing you the best content possible.

And that's what I'm committed to. 

This one is about thriving in an interaction with a girl when there is a limited amount of time - or even if there is time, but there is the option to shorten it and nevertheless successfully escalate and close the interaction. 

On the meta level, a great deal of being able to do so has to do with energetically synchronizing with the girl, which comes from frequent socializing with girls, and people in general - and working to be in a good place emotionally and sexually. 

I hope you find it helpful - and let me know what you think.