Every Adversity you Experience

Every Major and Minor Challenge in your Life

Is an Opportunity

To Grow,

To Learn

To Face the Truth


If a girl isn't interested, or a guy tries to embarrass you while you talk to a girl, what does the way you feel and respond to this say about you?

If you have no money, no friends, no one that you're close to - what does this say about your mental and emotional state?

If your girlfriend or wife cheats on you, or leaves you for another man, is this a coincidence? Is it independent of your mind, personal success - however it could relevantly be measured?

If you are emotionally sad, depressed, unhappy, anxious, desperate, angry - is this independent of your diet, your exercise habits, your habitual thoughts and perspectives? 

If life is hard during moments that should be simple, maybe it's because you make it difficult and complex.

If you need noise and stimulation, if you need to look at your phone, or watch YouTube in between activities - almost incessantly, almost to keep yourself calm - do you really think that's not something to pay attention to - to address?

That it's not related to your mental and emotional state?

Is everyone really holding you back, is everyone really resisting your success - or are you resisting the truth? Are you resisting the deeper reality of your circumstance, of where you are in life? 

Are you resisting that your life, your experience, the people you encounter, the way you encounter people, the directions you take, the way you interpret things, the way you feel - is directly related to your perception, your behavior, your lack of acceptance of life, your interpretation of your environment, of your circumstance, your interpretation of the people around you, of the opportunities in front of you?

Accept reality, accept the truth - accept that everything you experience is directly related to what's going on inside you. 

Lemonade comes from acceptance and honesty.

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