Man Plans, God Laughs


Man Plans, God Laughs is a Yiddish proverb. 

It means whatever plans you have, whatever you're trying to pave for yourself, the world - the infinite variables around you - are having their say too. 

The goal is to simply accept this. 

Accept that you don't have much control - maybe even no control.

Accept that you can only do what you can do, right now.

If there's nothing you can do - accept that.

You can usually do a lot - but you can only do what you can do. And it doesn't mean what you do will have the intended result. 

You not only have to accept this with girls - but with life.

With both girls and life, you have to have a freedom from outcome. You have to let go of your concern that if you approach her, or if you go for the sale, you will be turned down. 

The response that someone, or that the world has, is out of your control.

You can only control your intention and your action.

Shit happens. Accept it. Go with it. 

Simply allow it. 

It's the path towards internal peace, and therefore deeper functionality - accepting what is, acting on your intentions, and being free from outcome.

I expound on how to let go in this video: