Benevolent Resistance & Benevolent Persistence — Understand these Key Concepts for Approaching Girls

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Benevolent Resistance — A typical response from a woman to a man that is interested in her and showing his interest to her. She is considering him, has interest, but wants to see how well he maintains his composure and intent while she reserves a willingness to invest herself further.

Benevolent Persistence — A man’s ability to maintain and escalate his intent in a way that is calm and grounded (rather than desperate or reaching) during an approach, while the girl demonstrates benevolent resistance.

Feminine Allure — The energy a woman gives off in her optimized state. She embraces the desire of the men around her, embraces the feminine energy of other women around her. She embraces her inner core — who she is. She embraces her sexuality, however mature or immature, in a way that is harmonizing and benevolent. Men are drawn to her, she knows it, accepts it and embodies it. She handles others with grace. She is able to be herself and impact those around her simply through being and carrying about.

Masculine Command — The energy a man gives off in his optimized state. He is grounded, calm and confident. He has strong masculine energy. Women and others gravitate towards him. He is unintimidated by, and moreover embracing of, others’ energies around him. He is able to demonstrate his intent towards women and others while being grounded, calm, open and flexible, yet decisive and assertive. He embraces who he is, and has become who he is through developing himself — attending to his weaknesses and refining his strengths.