Life is a Jungle - Accept What Is to Get Better at Talking to Girls

Life is a jungle. It’s not here for you, it’s not here against you, it’s just here.

The sooner you can accept that, the sooner you’ll start moving in a direction of progress.

The sooner you’ll start making choices that allow you to thrive in the jungle, rather than falter and die.

If you want to improve at meeting and connecting with girls, then you need to accept that girls aren’t going to come to you, they’re not here for you if you don’t generate value.

The man that makes impactful decisions with his life attracts and gets the girls he wants.

So stop bitching that you don’t have them.

If you want them, you have to make decisions to approach them. You have to make decisions to improve your life practices. You have to make decisions that cause greater prosperity.

Greater prosperity, strong life habits and an ability to approach, engage, connect and close with girls, triggers greater emotional well-being and confidence.

Emotional well-being and confidence are socially and sexually attractive.

And that’s a big part of the cycle of consistent success with women. 

There’s no secret — it’s just accepting what is and taking actions that lead you on a process of thriving.