Choose to approach the girl - don't trick yourself into not doing it (video)


My day was going pretty well -

Was walking back from the gym, in the flow - gaining steam - about to make a video. 

Then I locked eyes with a girl I was attracted to across the street while we were waiting for a light. 

Based on the fact that I have spent the last 5.5 years of my life proactively meeting and dating women, and then teaching what I know to others - I knew to go in. 

But you know what I did? I told myself I had to make that video - and that girls were distracting me. 

I didn't go in. 

When the light turned green for us to cross, I began crossing. She waited on her side - communicating her hope for me to say hi. 

You know what I did? 

I kept moving. 



I felt shitty.

I was into her, attracted to her, we had a sexual and energetic connection - and I used my mind to tell me to forgo it. 

Never a good feeling. 

So, instead of going into the content I planned on - I made a video about that - because it bothered me that much. 

It should bother you too, when you don't do it. 

Decisions like that matter - not just with the girl and your chance to connect with her - but because making micro decisions like that, impact your macro decisions with work and in life. 

Going for that job or that dream. Becoming an entrepreneur and putting in the work. Reading that book. Finishing that project or paper. 

Everything you do impacts everything else you do. 

You gotta care on multiple levels and most importantly - 

Act. Do. Make the move.