Get Better at Meeting & Connecting with Women - Step Three (Video)


How does one become successful?

There are many steps - but all of those steps fall under the umbrella of the process.

The process is the incremental steps you go on in order to reach a greater goal. 

It's the little failures that steer you in a more informed direction - the little successes that give you encouragement and a taste of a new reality - a better reality that you can potentially thrive in.

In order to follow a process towards success - one must have the vision of a greater tomorrow, the courage to try and fail, until he succeeds - and the patience to see it through as he inevitably encounters setbacks and non-linear progress.

The process is a journey that any man can go on, in any field. 

Most men do not.

Most men don't follow a process of improvement.

Most men become impatient and choose to coast - living a horizontal, albeit easier life.

The vertical life carries more reward, but also requires you to climb and experience tension and difficulty. 

It requires you to trip and fall - ultimately having to re-trek. 

It requires you to be present - and embrace each moment - rather than get swept away in constant idolizing of the future. Because true improvement requires focus and appreciation for where you are. 

The question is, what will you do?

Will you decide you can't be successful? 

You can't have what you desire deep down?

Or will you go for it?

Will you choose the path that provides what you seek?

Step Three is Embracing the Process