Alter Your Perceptions and Decisions for a More Positive Life

Our perceptions about the world govern how we carry ourselves and what happens to us. 

For example, if you interpret someone's individual negativity to be some kind of slight towards your deeper humanity - meaning you take it very personally - then you're going to have negative emotions inside, and this will impact how your day goes, how you affect other people, your chances of being productive, etc. 

However, if you interpret it as their own issue that is being directed towards you, you will have a different set of internal emotions - likely ones that are less charged. 

And so on. You can have an even better interpretation than that as well.

Similarly, the decisions we make while navigating the world, which are partly based on our perceptions, also impact what happens to us. 

Are you deciding to feed into someone's negativity by biting back at him?

Are you letting your mind stew around what someone said to you? 

Or are you focusing on compelling yourself into a better emotional state by deciding to exercise, go out and talk to friends, think or say encouraging thoughts, smile at someone rather than scowl or furrow your brow? 

It all adds up. 

And it’s important to parse out the details for better strategic execution — there is short-term perceiving and decision-making, and long-term perceiving and decision-making.

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