Standard, In-Person Coaching Rate

$117 per hour, with a three hour minimum.





A session of elite, customized coaching. 

4-hour, elite, customized coaching session.

  • You and I will have a sit-down and discuss you, your life, your struggles and your goals.

    • The two of us will get to know each other and through this talk, I can get a better idea of who you are, and what you're looking for in dating, social & personal development

      • This will give me a better idea of how to coach you in real time, and cater my advice specifically to you.

Going Out "in the Field"

  • You and I will move about together, and I will facilitate actions for you to take - particularly approaching women. 

    • I will advise you, in real-time, how you can improve your interactions, and we will work together so that you can make progress on each interaction you engage in.

  • Throughout it all, we will discuss, and I will advise you on, various social aspects of dating, social & personal development so that you can gain significant insight and make notable strides, 


Rendezvous and Review

  • After that, we will find an area to discuss your progress, what you need to focus on and specific, personalized strategies you can employ to go about improving your game, and your lifestyle in the future.

This kind of session can be repeated on an ongoing basis, in which our relationship can grow and develop, and my coaching can become increasingly customized and catered to your unique personality and circumstance. 

Let's help you learn how to truly, successfully approach, engage and connect with girls. 




Elite Digital Coaching

Via Skype, Google Hangout, FaceTime, Phone, etc - I provide indefinite, elite coaching for 1-8 hours a week. 

I provide you with custom goals to accomplish each day, a review of your field reports (with a field report template we work together on, so it is catered specifically to you), and pickup, dating, relationship and personal development advising.

Let's work together and change your life. 

$97 per hour


I also provide long-term programs ranging
from $997 - $3,997.

Here are details on the $1,000 program and the $4,000 program.

The programs in between these two are similar in approach and mostly

differ based on amount of time spent together.



I provide three in-person coaching sessions of 3 hours, and also two hours of digital coaching, in between our in-person sessions (phone or Skype).

On top of that, when we are not seeing each other, I provide you assignments for you to complete, specifically catered to you so that you are maximizing your overall understanding as you go through this process. We then go over your assignment results.

I "connect the dots" between each session with all my observations of you and your interactions with women, weaving your learning into a coherent, contiguous program - so that there is a sense of direction and momentum.

What would the coaching look like, in a nutshell?

In a focused and fun way, I would work with you to approach, engage and connect with women, providing you insights on your strengths and weaknesses, blindspots, and what you need to do to improve. I would show you, through various teaching styles, how you can appropriately understand what is going on around you, beyond your logical framework and habituated priorities - helping you step outside your normal life-lens, and into the more subtle world of male-female communications.

The sum of these experiences would lead you to far greater understanding and knowledge of how to approach and communicate with girls on the social, emotional and sexual levels.




Venture into a new understanding & perspective towards women, socializing and sex.

Completely immerse yourself in the ongoings & endless layers of the social, emotional & sexual world, which for many men, there is an ignorance.

Learn how to express yourself to the world & routinely forge connections with girls and others around you. 

Prism is a 12-week program - 

Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12: 

Two 3-4 hour in-person coaching sessions each week. 

This includes conversation so I can gain a better understanding of you, your unique circumstance and life-perspective; facilitating actions for you to take (approaching and conversing with girls, going on dates, venturing for "closes" [getting a girl's number, asking her to get coffee, bringing her home, etc.]; providing insights on your abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and where and how you can improve in approaching, engaging, connecting and closing with women. 

Weeks 2,4,6,8,10,11: 

Two no-cap Skype sessions each week for questions and reviews for assignment completion (for Skype weeks, I will provide assignments for you to complete that are uniquely catered to your personal skillset and life-context). 

We will also, within the flow of everything, have more macrocosmic discussions about women, relationships, etc.

If you commit to Prism, it will provide you with life-altering improvement.