Why Me? Why You?

Simply put, I can help you meet women, and develop genuine relations with them — be them transient, or long-term.

I have extensive experience and success in this arena and am shifting it into a viable business, where I can help those who need it.

I am passionate about helping others that might be lacking in this area of life — or those who aren't bad — or, even those who are good — but want to be better. 

I am also passionate about connecting with women — communicating who I am to them - and learning about and appreciating them as well.

As a guy, connecting with women is an essential aspect to a fulfilling life. 

If you cannot connect with women on the social, emotional, sexual, and even spiritual planes — then there is without a doubt, a lacking in your day-to-day life. 

I have helped virgins overcome their fears, meet high-quality women, and break through — ultimately losing their virginity, having sex, and developing relationships with girls they like. 

I have helped non-virgins who came from difficult childhoods — and therefore had large social barriers, unable to connect with girls - venture step-by-step into a world of greater confidence and understanding of themselves and the women they meet, so that they could live a more fulfilling and expansive sex life, social life, and emotional life.

I have helped guys that are successful with women, venture even farther than what they thought was possible — learning how to accelerate the familiarization and escalation process, challenging themselves to go for the girls they *truly* want — and also how to develop more genuine connections with the girls they meet — regardless if they are short-term relations or long. 


I am very capable of helping you too — and I want to help you elevate your life to new possibilities. 

You should never be walking around sulking, wondering "what if?"

Your life should be one of fun challenges — fun experiences — and fulfilling connections. 

Don't play yourself — take action. 

For improved success — some people need a math tutor to get a better grade. Others need a trainer to get in physical shape. If one wants to truly accelerate at fighting, he takes classes. 

Don't sell yourself short just because it makes you uncomfortable. 

Go for what you desire deep down. 

Take advantage of your ceiling — rather than succumb to your floor.

I can help you do just that. 

Thanks —