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My Vision

I created Live Connected to help men learn how to meet & connect with women by developing their social, emotional, sexual & even energetic understanding of themselves and others — so that they too can be successful, in the same way that I have become successful.


Why My Coaching Works

I have dedicated my life to understanding how to connect with women through the social, emotional, sexual & energetic planes by proactively communicating with them on these levels.

Approaching girls, engaging them, forging a genuine connection, solidifying & closing this connection on an intimate, sexual level, developing a transient relationship, or long-term, if desired. 

Essentially learning, as a man, how to harmonize with women & their feminine energy.

It is a focus that I find rewarding, expansive - & continue to master.

I also began this focus with an innate, high-level, emotional and social intelligence.

This innate aptitude, combined with my consistent practice, provides me with elite insights that cannot be duplicated.

I have an intuitive sense on how to detect the specific issues of an individual I'm working with, understand him as a man, & lead him, through coaching and teaching, to organic, authentic breakthroughs (not gimmicks, lines or inauthentic behaviors) in understanding how to better develop his unique constitution & then connect with women and others.

My ability and passion to communicate ideas, concepts & demonstrate what I mean, & then calibrate this advise to the specific individual — facilitates an effective, rewarding coaching experience for the person who hires me. 


How My Coaching Works

As you might imagine, my coaching is case-by-case and relies greatly on the context of the person I coach — his frame of mind, social skills; his beliefs about life, girls and himself. 

In considering these variables, I can have detailed conversations with him that help me understand him, where he struggles, and also his strengths as a person. 

I can then begin to help him discern the flaws in his approach to socializing and sex; the blindspots and roadblocks to his perception of himself, his sexuality, girls and their sexuality, and social relationships in general.

By understanding him, I can furthermore help facilitate appropriate actions for him to take — be it doing approaches & better understanding how to communicate with women; eventually going on dates; essential readings to better understand self-development or life philosophies; breathing exercises to facilitate greater calmness and centeredness — all geared towards elevating his unique constitution to a higher value that is not only desired by women (women desire a man of value - & this value is shown by his self-confidence & how he communicates to others), but a sense of greater personal worth.

He takes these actions either under my eye, or with my guidance. I thereby provide highly adjusted advise that caters uniquely to him and how he bounces off girls, his social environment, or how he views and develops himself. 

I provide highly considered assignments for him to complete in between our sessions, so as to keep him in a flow and momentum — elevating his improvement more efficiently over time. 

In summary: 

  • Conversation & Understanding 

  • Advise & Insights

  • Action Facilitation 

  • Assignments 

  • Repeat (if desired)


Everyone around you is looking to connect with someone — they just need a person who is capable of forging a connection.


It's your life. Are you making the most of it?